Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Put your knives down......

Put your knives down....oh wait thats Top Chef. Just a quick update for all my supporters out here in blog land. I guess I didnt make it to Hell's Kitchen. The last I heard was that we would be hearing from the producers in LA if we made the next cut. They would give us a call and fly us out to LA for one last audition. I should have heard by the end of the second week of December. I just checked the HK site and the show airs Jan. 29 so.... Everything happens for a reason, I do really believe that. I think the audition and call back gave me a newfound confidence in my ability as a Chef. I was really hoping to get a call from LA casting, but it wasnt meant to be. I recently started a new job that I am liking very much. To go to LA for the show would probably mean quitting my job, unless they gave me an unpaid leave. I tend to doubt that though. Its a good position as I have blogged about and I dont think I would want to give that up right now with the economy the way it is. Althoughhhhhhhhhh.....if they had called I would have had to really think it over seriously. I am sure most of you ( and you know who you are ) would have encouraged me to go. Alls well that ends well. Maybe next season I will audition again. More seasoned and more confident!! Chef Ramsey is happily married anyway!

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