Sunday, November 30, 2008

Back to the future?

Here I am, back to the future. At least my future anyway. I am once again gainfully employed. I am now the Sous Chef for a major food service company. I wont mention any names here but we are one of the largest in the country ( revenue wise that is ). I have been trying to get a job with this company since I moved back to NY from FL three years ago. I have always wanted a corporate position and I finally have one. My company is contracted by large companies, stadiums, schools, and prisons to name a few. I happen to be working in a school. The hours are better than any restaurant, I never work later than 730pm. Unfortunately, this school is a live in school so we are open 365 days a yr. The benefits ( healthcare, vision, dental, vacation, sicktime, personal time, 401k which they contribute to, and life insurance ) alone are worth any position with this company. Salary is competitive with yearly raises. Room for advancement is amazing and encouraged by management. Accounts are all over the USA and who knows in a couple years I could be the Executive Chef for a new account in lets say, Dallas!! I was told I blew away the Regional Director and the Director of Food services on my interviews and everyone was very excited for me to start. Its hard work as I run the kitchen and even though I come home aching, tired and feeling about 90, I really like it. Now my only worry is am I going to be called for Hell's Kitchen? Probably now that I am working. LOL. I just got an email on Thanksgiving telling me that the producers and casting in LA have not made final decisions yet, and hopefully we will hear by the second week of December if LA wants us to audition in person in California. Well, I am busy now working so I dont think about it much. I have read 2 books by Chef Ramsey and feel like I know alot about him. If I dont get called to LA, I someday hope to meet him at least!! Too bad though, probably wouldnt call me a fat cow at a book signing would he? I will post any update if I hear, but meanwhile- back to my future!! Its going to be a great one!! NO MATTER WHAT!


Scott Lessard said...

Congrats, Michele. Good luck with the new job and make sure you let us know about HK.


ChefMichele said...

TYVM and dont worry, I promised Cassie she would be the first one I called!! LOL

Angie Lessard said...

Congrats Michele! That's awesome. Sounds like a great job opportunity.

Sorry for not calling's finals tomorrow and i've been busy. Will catch up with you in the next few days.

Can't wait to hear more about the job!