Monday, October 20, 2008

Hell of a New Year coming?

On friday Oct 17, I went into Manhattan with my brother Marc ( he was along for the support ) to audition for Hell's Kitchen Tv Series. It all started with my cousin Jill emailing me a link for applying for the show. That was a week or so before I went to Texas. While I was in Texas I received a call from the Casting Director for the show. I was a bit hesitant about the validity of the call, but was soon convinced it was for real. I happened to be sitting with my niece Cassie and SIL Angie. I had to leave the room so I could curse!! It was basically a phone personality audition and after 20 minutes or so, they wanted to sign me up for the on camera audition. I was still in a state of shock but very excited. Cassie wants me to be famous so I can make her famous. ( still trying to figure that one out ). I asked my brother Marc to trek into the city with me for some moral support. He is and has been my biggest fan since I was in Culinary school. I knew he would help me emotionally get thru it all. Upon arriving for the audition, I met with Debbie ( twin sister of Lisa who I had spoken to on the phone ) and Sean who was the computer camera man. I felt immediately at ease with them and laughed while Debbie briefed me for the taping and even questioned my brother. Now it was time to go on camera. Funny thing was I thought I would be really nervous, but I wasnt. I put on my chefs whites and was hooked up to a mic. I was given instruction to be thorough in my answers to the questions Debbie would ask me. Give specifics not just answer yes or no. I did a brief introduction about growing up, working in the dental field for 20 yrs, and going to culinary school. I was smiling and laughing all the way. Having a blast, although some of the questions were interesting. Like, Have I ever had sex in the kitchen? Do I have any tattoos or peircings? How would I react if Gordon Ramsey calls me a fat cow on national tv? Why would America love to hate me? Will I be underestimated by the other contestants? Then finally when I thought she was going to ask me what my family would say IF I WON, she actually hesitated and asked me what would my father say if I won? She knew my dad had died when I was a teenager and wanted my reaction on camera. I immediately welled up, and couldnt speak. Finally got out of my mouth that she blew me away with that question, and I knew he would be extremely proud of me. Crying like a baby now, with Sean handing me tissues, I remembered I was on camera being taped. So I started laughing. When the tape was turned off, she said she knew how I would respond since she had lost her dad early in her life too. She wanted everyone who would watch the tape to see that side of me. Taping was done and my microphone was being removed, I realized I was wearing my chain with my dads shield on it. MY dad was with me for all of it. I had forgotten I put it on, since I hadnt worn it since before the summer. When I said OMG look what I am wearing she put me back on tape to say it. Lisa went out to the other room where Marc was and spoke to him, telling him she made me cry. LOL Sean was finishing up with the computer and said to me " YOU were fabulous, I think you made the show!!" I couldnt stop smiling and thanked him profusely. Kisses and hugs goodbye all around, Marc and I went outside. I needed a drink, but settled for a cigarette. I turned to Marc and said- OMG what have I just done? laughing and smiling. I felt so good, so confident and so happy that I did this. I kept saying to Marc, I really do have a great personality, his only response was, well not THAT great!! He had turned me into a monster!! Built me up the whole way there and kickin me back down. Thats what brothers are for I guess! Marc asked me when I would be hearing from them, I forgot to ask. I was sooo excited I completely forgot. I emailed them over the weekend, to thank them all and tell them I had such a great time doing this, and asked maybe when I could expect to hear something. I got a response yesterday and Lisa said probably a couple of weeks. So keep your fingers crossed and say a little prayer!! The show starts taping in January of 2009. I am doing my Gordon Ramsey research just in case. Reading about his life, personal and culinary, and going to start practicing some foods I know Chef Ramsey expects to be prepared properly. Anyone want some Wellington??

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Angie Lessard said...

I'm still in shock over the fact that you might be on TV. I know you will do fabulous if you are chosen!!! You DO have a great personality and don't let Marc kick you down! :)

I've got my fingers and toes crossed for ya and you're in my prayers!

Love ya, SIL