Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Back to the grind

Summer is officially over for me. Upon my return from vacationing in Texas, I have given in. The leaves are changing , the weather is getting cooler and summer clothes are being packed up for the season. Back to the grind as they say. I decided to go to Rowlett and visit my brother Scott and his family after my summer on FI. What would have normally been only a weeks vacation turned into 12 days. My brother and his wife were going to go to Vegas for a short presentation and a little R & R. Of course jokingly Scott asked me if I wanted to stay longer and watch the kids while he and Angie were away. I jumped at the proposition. Alone for 2 nites with my neices and nephews, how cool is that? Since I really have already done the tourist thing my first visit to Texas, this was just a relaxing visit with family. Scott had to be in NC for the first few days of my visit, so I got Angie n the kids to myself. Upon Scotts arrival home, Angie had already planned a getaway with some gf's, I got to visit with my brother and neice alone. We ate some of the Halibut Scott caught in Alaska, had some Pizza with Justin ( he works for Pizza Hut ), spent saturday running around watching Dylan play baseball, and Cassie cheerleading at the football game. Church and then some Pappadeux's cajun food. YUMMY!! Sunday we took out small loans as Scott puts it and he, Cassie and I went to the State Fair. Texans like to FRY everything. From bacon to pickles. I have to say the Fried Smore's were the most outrageous n delicious dessert ever!! We rode some rides ( the Crazy Mouse...omg it was so awesome ) , played some games and were totally spent. ( financially and physically ). Everyone was home sunday nite and we hung out. Then mom and dad left and it was us kids. We sugarred up, ate fast food, stayed up late and had some fun. Scott and Angie returned from a great time in Vegas to find everything still intact. I have been told I am welcome to babysit anytime!! I cant wait. We cooked, we ate, we hung out. I had a blast. Hope they all did too. Cant wait to go back. Thank you Scott, Angie, Justin, Dylan, Marissa, Cassie, Tipsy and Mr Higgins for a great 12 days.
I even thought about staying longer since I am not working at this time, but while I was in Texas
I received a call from the casting director of Hell's Kitchen. I have an audition on Friday Oct 17. HAHAHAH who would have thought? Cassie is hoping that I win the show and the restaurant I get to run is located in Dallas. HMMM that would be interesting!! So now I am home, did my fall cleaning, filling out online job applications, sending out resumes, and thinking about when I want to go back to Texas. Until next time, Happy Autumn !!


Angie Lessard said...

We had fun while you were down here in Texas. Sorry we didn't do more than the normal everday stuff. Next time you come, we'll have to do something special. Thanks so much for being here with the kids while we were away. It was so nice not having to worry about the kids at all. Thanks for cooking and helping out with everything. Can't wait until the next know you are welcome anytime you want to come down!!!

We love ya!

ChefMichele said...

AWWWWW you are the best SIL!!, and I enjoyed doing the normal everyday stuff. I really did. We did alot that was special to me. I cant wait to do it again. Love you all too!!

Scott Lessard said...

Blog about this interview, please. We want to know how it went. Any update to the status?

It was nice to have you down. Thanks for taking such great care of the kids.