Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Wake me up when September ends....

Summer has come and passed....the tired has barely last, Wake me up when Sept ends. My summer on FI has ended. Whoohooo. All good things must come to an end at some point right? It was time. I made it thru Labor Day weekend and man were we slammed hard. Tumbleweed tuesday is the day after Laborday as the town becomes a ghost town. I was sick in bed for those 2 days off and slept away most of it. 4 months working and living on FI was everything, nothing and more than I thought it would be. I learned so very much both culinary wise and personally. I gained invaluable experience working in a restaurant and under another Chef. The ALA CARTE experience was amazing, even though it was backbreaking and exhausting. I know now that the past few years I was right in saying I never wanted to work in a restaurant setting. I DON'T. EVER! ( ok maybe not ever- if I owned it I might just be open to it ) LOL. I also learned I dont like living with approximately 10 college kids sharing a bathroom either. I felt like a house mother in a coed frat house. Although I did learn to back off ( I was not their mom ) it was an experience I dont think I want to experience again. That was the worst of it. The best parts were, I had alot of fun working with Chef Bobby, I met some awesome people, I had the beach and the bay steps away from me on a daily basis, and people most important to me came out to visit me. I read about 30 books ( I wasnt into the socializing after work- it was more like Spring break week at nite ) so I would retire up to my room, shower n camp out in my little bedroom and read. Thanks to my brother Marc, who brought me some incredible books ( mostly about chefs ) and some goodfriends who sent me or lent me some good reading, I was never really bored. I got home 2 weeks ago, and think I have finally unpacked and feel comfortable sleeping in my own bed again. Although my suitcase is still in my room as I am getting ready for 12 days in Dallas visiting my brother and his family. I am sooo excited about it, that I cant wait. Then I will have to come home and back to reality and look for a new job. Not quite sure what I want yet, I would love another small catering hall, I have a new outlook, new menu ideas and a desire to be different.....but I am also thinking about maybe something corporate. Weekdays, reasonable hours, benefits....the stuff we need. Guess I will see what happens when I get home from Texas. In the mean time, my dear cuz-in-law ( CIL ) Jill sent me the email addy for the application for Hells Kitchen. HAHAHA funny thing is that I actually filled it out and sent it in. I must be crazy. I have finished my Christmas shopping since I have returned home, and it actually feels really good. I know you all think I am nuts since I was asking you all about our secret santa thing in august, but as they say i culinary school......its 99% prep....Tommorow I turn 47!! Not really a milestone but pretty unbelievable nonetheless. Where has the time gone. I know those of you older than me ( not too many of ya ) are laughing as you read this, but guys...its gonna come fast. So technically all ya'all are right behind me. ( is that the correct usage of all ya'all ?) But I think the very best thing this week of all is that I went to buy a pair of jeans to bring to Texas since the ones I have were very big on me, and what do I find, but i went down 2 sizes since april. WHOHOOO..... guess all that hard work and eating good fresh fish all summer paid off. Life is good. Life is short, take time to be with those you love, tell them you love them, and laugh ALOT!! Thanks to those of you who came out to visit me this summer. I loved having you come!! xox


Scott Lessard said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, OLD TIMER. Cassie was doing her homework last night, and as she put 9/24 down on the paper, she said "It's Aunt Michele's Birthday. We need to call her." I apologize for allowing the time to get away and not getting that call done.

And, as a big fan of "Hell's Kitchen", I think you might do real well on the show. Good luck.


ChefMichele said...

Well tyvm and no apology necessary, I know you were all thinking of me as your wonderful wife sent me an email. We will celebrate both Angies' and my birthday when I get down there!! I think I was crazy for even sending the email application for Hell's Kitchen, but hey if I am going to be screamed at and made to cry in a kitchen , why not Chef Gordon Ramseys'. See you in a few days xoxo