Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Peace on Earth, Goodwill toward Men.

Only 1 week til Christmas!! whohoooo. I am ready or as ready as someone so anally organized as me can be. The gifts are under the tree, the cookies are all baked, the packages that need to be mailed are at the UPS store and the post office and I am exhausted. All thats left to do is go to a couple parties and cook for Christmas Eve and a few things to bring to Christmas dinner. I was inspired by my brother Scott in Texas, and I adopted a soldier. I sent him a card and a not so long letter of introduction a few weeks ago. I have now shipped out a care package for the holidays. I felt so good looking for a few things I thought he may like and things that were suggested by AuntNancyUSA blog site. I always have fun picking out gifts for people. I cant wait until he gets the package and hope it brings a smile to his face, if nothing else. Doing something so small and insignificant to most means the world to some people. I searched for the right card, something wishing Peace and Thanks, and I found one I was very happy with. I hope the soldiers who get to see it, feel what I felt reading it. I am honored to do something so small for someone doing something so big for all of us. Thank you Scott for mentioning it all on your blog. May everyone's holidays be filled with the beauty and spirit of Christmas.


Angie Lessard said...

Awww!! I'm so excited you did that. How cool! Wish we were closer to spend the holidays together.

Merry Christmas - Love ya,

ChefMichele said...

I am soo glad I did it, and I wish we were closer too. Not just for the holidays but you know what I mean. I am thinking maybe next vacation to Texas, I should come FOR Christmas!! That would be fun for me maybe not Scott, but....LOL