Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Full Pantry Part 3

We have filled our dry pantry and our freezer. Now for the perishables in our refrigerator. This really all depends on what you are cooking and the tastes of your family.
We always have the following:
1. Milk and usually a pint of heavy cream ( easy to whip up for homemade whipped cream- no non dairy stuff in this house )
2. Creamer- fat free half and half AND flavored creamer
3. Eggs- plenty of eggs especially if you are a baker
4. Butter - whipped butter and stick unsalted butter. I keep at least a pound of sticks in my refrigerator and a few pounds in the freezer. I also whipped butter and stick butter on sale and stock up.
5. Cheese- blocks of Parm, bags of shredded, slices of low fat....
6. Condiments- all condiments that have been opened are kept in the refrig. Things like Salsa, Sour cream, any bottled dressings or marinades are on a shelf so I always have it ready to use. I have one shelf on the door that is all Asian condiments....plum sauce, soy, ponzu, hoisen, siracha, etc....
7. Produce- we always have fresh salad ingredients in the drawer...greens, cukes, onion, fresh herbs, and ALWAYS have soup mire poix such as carrots, celery and onions. Fruit goes in a separate drawer and only oranges and ripe fruits are kept in it. I personally like all my fruits cold so I add as I need! Ripen your fruit on the counter!
8. Food that is thawing....defrost all foods in the frig for safety. Meat always goes on the bottom. I usually take food out of the freezer 2 days before I need it for proper thawing and prep.
Your refrigerator is what you need it to be to keep food fresh. I put all leftovers in containers and label them for freezing or for future lunches in the frig. We always have a couple containers set aside for lunches for my mom and her hubby. I like being prepared and organized, and you will to. Makes busy life a little easier when we can grab something out of the pantry or the frig and put together a healthy and tasty meal for ourselves and our family. May all your morsels be tasty!

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