Monday, November 23, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things...Part 1

I have just gotten back from my 2 week stay in Texas. My brother Scott calls it a working vacation for me, since I babysit the kids and cook for him. I call it Awesome! I get to spend time with the kids without "The Parents" around, which basically means Aunt Michele can spoil them,......AND...I get to cook for my brother. I have always loved cooking, especially people who like to eat and enjoy food. Both of my brothers seem to have those qualities, and for some reason seem to overly enjoy my cooking. I like being able to cater to my baby brothers and since Scott is over 1300 miles away, its a treat for me when I am in Texas. Now he usually requests a few of his favorite things. He likes comfort food. Dont we all? He asks for things usually from our childhood or even a few things that seem to be a NY thing. So while I was in Texas, aside from cooking some wild game, I was able to make some of my brothers favorite things. Even his family makes a few requests. Here is the menu I cooked and who requested it.
Meal 1.- Spaghetti and Meatballs requested by Marissa ( I added Italian sausage for my brother), my Papa Johns Salad requested by Scott , and garlic bread
Meal 2 - Orange glazed wild Goose, wild rice, steamed green beans ( Scott supplied the wild goose I chose the preparation and sides )
Meal 3 - Chicken Parmesan, pasta and garlic bread ( requested by Scott )
Meal 4 - Daddys Crepes ( requested by Dylan and Marissa ) served with breakfast sausage
Meal 5 - Side items and desserts for our Early Thanksgiving. all requested by my brother Scott.
Cranberry Sauce, Papa Johns Stuffing ( in Texas they dont make or eat stuffing, they use dressing made with cornbread ), and Fiesta Salad. The latter 2 are oldies but goodies. Scott made such a fuss over how delicious everything was and how it was exactly as he remembered it. That is one of my favorite things, making someone happy with my cooking. Funny though, he has already started making a list of things he wants me to cook next time I come down. Cant wait!!

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