Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Believe it or Not?

Well another weekend has past, I cant believe I am here on Fire Island 13 weeks already. They told me it would fly by. They were right. Yesterday was my day off, and my brother Marc trekked over to visit me and spend the day. It was raining on the mainland and he was already not in a good mood coming over by ferry. It had rained briefly here and the sky was clearing up. I gave him a tour of Ocean Beach (quite a small town although the largest community on FI ). We started the day having lunch at the Island Mermaid. The same place I took my mom to. Food was fabulous as always and we enjoyed sitting by the bay. Since Marc is continuing to lose weight, we decided to take a walk over a couple of towns. Not much to see or do there but the homes are lovely to look at and the bay breeze is a pleasure. We came back and changed, I into my bathing suit and Marc into a new pair of shorts and flipflops. Believe it or not!! We headed for the beach. The water was beautiful and a tad cold, but again we took a long walk along the water and enjoyed the peacefulness and beauty. Funny though, I havent seen my brother on a beach in yrs, and he admits he hasnt done this in many. I told him about all the deer on the island and fortunately we got to see a few. First time for me seeing an antlered buck!! ON the beach!! very cool. We headed back to my restaurant, and decided to have some food. Chef Bobby was in the kitchen and Marc was in heaven. He started with the Tuna Tataki. #1 Ahi tuna, seared and sliced served with a ponzu soy sauce. It melted in his mouth he said. Then he opted for the Mahi Mahi sandwich served with Mango salsa, I had my favorite Maple rum glazed Salmon on spinach greens. He was thoroughly impressed and full. We took a walk around town, did some shopping and stopped at the little candy store for some treats. Key Lime pie fudge was the special of the day. YUMMY!! Packed up and headed for the ferry, the day was great and I cant wait for more of you to come see me and my little summer home!!

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