Saturday, May 24, 2008

Overtime at the Beach

You would think by the title of this post I have gotten quite tan, but this week that isnt the case. You see Memorial day weekend is opening weekend on Fire Island. The ferry must be standing room only, the streets are bustling with people carrying suitcases and pulling wagons ( Little Red flyer wagons are the carry on suitcase around here ), and vintage bicycles ( Phat Cycles ) are being ridden by cool people spending their summer at the beach. I have put in over 115 hours this week so far, not including today and tommorow. Whewwwwwwwww ! I am exhausted. Should be a nice ( off the books, in cash ) paycheck on tuesday. We worked hard yesterday, me in the kitchen and the other Chef outside rolling sushi to order. He even got me to taste the Spicy tuna roll and the Salmon skin roll. I always said I disliked raw fish sushi, but I am now a big fan!! Scoot, we must go have some good sushi when you are up in NY. I have taken some pics of the Restaurant and the club, and as soon as I download them, I will post them for all to see. Its a cool place and Great food. I went to bed at 1130pm last nite and didnt fall asleep until after 1am. The noise from the people on the street and the dance music coming from the live band underneath me kept me up for a while. Time to buy the earplugs. I want everyone to come out, great ferry ride and quaint little community town. I will buy you all a drink, and recommend the food. Rocket Fuels are the Island drink of choice. ITs a Pina Colada with Rum and Ammaretto swirled on top and I am no longer a RF virgin. Celebrated last nite with my first one. Come one Come all...cant wait to see ya!!


Angie said...

Sounds like a blast! Maybe if I come down in August to meet Scott, we can come visit. How long will you be there? Hope you get to enjoy the beach some and not just cook all day and then put in your earplugs at night!!

ChefMichele said...

That would be awesome!! I will be here till the middle of Sept. I will enjoy the beach...most definitely. Hope you come.