Monday, May 19, 2008

Another blog?

I have decided that this family needs another UNCENSORED blog. Banding up with the rest of my siblings and cousins will hopefully help the fight against Censorship in the Lessard family, and possibly help rid the world of it for good!!
I have given the name of Michele's Mumblings to my blog, I thought it creative and probably true to form. I will promise to try not to ramble on with pointless stories and will welcome any and ALL comments. Hope I can live up to the standards of the rest of the familys blogs. Or most of them anyway.
I arrived home from Dallas yesterday afternoon ( great weekend with Scoot and Cassie ) and drove directly to the ferry. Arrived at my new home and settled in. Caught up on all my emails ( 118 total ), had Chef Bobby cook me up some crabcakes and relaxed for a bit.
I believe that this summer will prove to be quite interesting and educational. I have stocked up on books, thanks Marc for the additions, and made my room as comfortable as I can. Being 2 blocks from the ocean and my bedroom overlooking the bay, I am truly in beachbum heaven. Cant think of a better place to work and live for the summer.
Marc and I flew to Dallas to spend the weekend with Scoot and the texas family. We had a fabulous time. Rodeo, BBQ, the infamous Daddy's Crepes for breakfast prepared by myself, shopping and Pappasito's. Marc devoured and enjoyed every bite and sip he put in his mouth. We all did. I am sure Scoot will fill in all the details on his post too.
May take me a few blogs to get it down and create a nice format so please bear with me!!


Joe Lessard said...

Good Luck w/ your UNCENSORED blog. And this family needs to get a life. And if it was truly UNCENSORED you would allow anonymous comments. But look at the bright side noone is gonna call you a NAZI.

The Jon-Paul Lessards! said...


Note, that Scoot and I do allow anonymous comments on our blogs so stick that in your Socialist pipe and smoke it bil. FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS FOR ALL!


ChefMichele said...

Thanks for the welcome Jill and JP....I am still learning the format and the settings on this site sooo bear with me...I NOW allow anonymous commments soooo PHHHHHTTTTT " Joey the Comment Nazi ".

Scott Lessard said...

You sound like you have marbles in your mouth!!! STOP MUMBLING and blog clearly, please!

Welcome to the wonderful, idiotic, moronic, stupid world of blogging.


Anonymous said...

Where in your blog do you say you won't allow anonymous comments. Once again what is he talking about.

ChefMichele said...

I didnt say I wouldnt allow anonymous comments.....the setting was set to not allow them, he must have tried. I have found the problem and contained the future fallout. ALL comments are welcome!!

Angie said...

Welcome to the world of blogging!!! Look forward to reading about your experience in FI. Hope you have a blast on the beace.


Angie said...

Oh, yea...have fun on the beach, too!

Scott Lessard said...

Angie always has a blast on the BEACE!!! That's code for....well, you know. :)