Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Back to basics

Hello Foodies.....its been a little longer than I had hoped. Recovery is going well although I would like to be further down that road. They tell me my progress is fabulous and I am way ahead of most people. I keep forgetting that having both hips replaced slows down the rehabilitation quite a bit. I am still on limited activity, but have slowly been working my way back to the kitchen. The days Mom isnt working she cooks, and the days she is working its either food that has been made and frozen or something her husband can throw together for the two of them. I have given Mom some basic help in the kitchen even though Mom is a great cook, ....things like what seasonings to use on the tuna steaks,  how to make my coleslaw dressing, and what to make with the protein she has chosen. I am so looking forward to going back to my regular menu planning, shopping and preparation of our meals.......AND baking! It really is funny, how we take for granted the little things in life, like being able to prepare a meal. I am restricted from bending and reaching very low or very high, thus making working in the kitchen difficult. Standing and not being as stable on my own legs is frustrating at times, but I am working hard to get to the point I no longer need a walker, and can do more things on my own. Depending on people is not easy for me to do. So maybe this new found appreciation and gratitude will make my cooking just that much more special.....having to go back to basics and starting over in a sense will only add to the LOVE I put into my cooking!

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