Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A hunting I will go....

My brother Scott and his family live just outside of Dallas, Texas. I will be visiting them the beginning of November for a couple of weeks. My brother is an avid hunter and fisherman. Although we consider him still a New Yorker, he has most definitely acclimated to living in Texas. The last time I was there, we feasted upon most of his game. Venison, Wild Hog, and Halibut. He was out of stock of his dove and his last duck hunt he didnt bring any home. I have been advised to learn how to cook game meat. He has already aquired some dove, arrives home from his Utah duck hunt the same morning I arrive in Dallas, and I am babysitting for a few days while he goes on his birthday hunt for some deer and hog. I am praying that he succeeds, as the venison and wild hog were outrageous. I bought him a game cookbook last year for Christmas, but I have decided I am going to start researching some game recipes. It will be nice for him to have alternative ways to cook his game, and I love cooking for them when I am there. So, if anyone out there knows of some good ( and tested ) game recipes, let me know. My research begins today....I will let you know what I come up with.
Remember...May all your bites be tasty!

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