Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Another day, another dollar?

To start off, I have to say, that working a 10 1/2 hour day 5 days a week, had definitely kept me from posting any new blogs. Thats over. I was recently let go from my job and now I spend a few hours each day, job searching, networking, and posting resumes online. The economy is, as we all know, bad. I will not be homeless, I will never be hungry, and I have anything I truly need. So I am grateful. Keep me in your prayers that I find something sooner rather than later. It is frustrating to be home and trying to keep busy. I have filed for unemployment, and I believe the claim has been approved. Thank you God. I immediately filed my taxes, and again, Thank you God, I have already received my Federal refund. Wooo who!! I keep saying God gives us what we need, when HE thinks we need it. I just have to put in the footwork. On a happier note, I decided several weeks ago to join Weight Watchers. I pay monthly and go to a meeting every wednesday morning. I wont miss the meeting since they are prepaid. I am truly accountable. I get frustrated on mondays and tuesdays and am usually pleasantly suprised on wednesday mornings. I have lost 16lbs to date. Not too shabby. I have gone to family for dinner, gone to the city for dinner drinks and a show, went to Starbucks with my brother Marc, and have survived a week of being unemployed....and still have lost weight. I am determined to keep losing and keep up the healthy eating. I was going to stop the monthly automatic payments and decided against it. I am worth it. I will cut corners elsewhere so I can still afford to go to WW even on unemployment. I am proud of myself and want to keep up the good work. My 30th HS reunion is this July and I think I may go. LOL. I am working out again, and feel sooo much better, physically and emotionally. If nothing else, thats worth the 40 bucks a month!!

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