Saturday, July 31, 2010

Changes in Attitudes......

I decided to give my blog a new makeover. A fresh new look. Color and whimsy. Its a physical and mental makeover. New recipes, new ideas, new everything. Including me. I mentioned in my previous blog that I was having some health issues. Well I have all the results and fortunately I am blessed. Everything the doctor told me can be treated with diet and exercise. That being said, I have to change my attitude before I can change my appearance....or maybe its changing my appearance that will help change my attitude. Either way, New Blog New me! Damn the genetics....I am now Diabetic. I guess the thinking it will never happen to me took over, as I never worried about doing things to reduce my risk of being diagnosed with it. Its now a part of my life and I have choices....along with some other health problems its time to CHANGE!! I am going to see a nutritionist next week to find out what is going to work best for me. Since I have extremely high trigycerides, very low good cholesterol and slightly elevated blood pressure along with the diabetes, I am going to need to know what to do. I am going to work on recipes that I love and make them healthier so I can still enjoy them. Loving food was a part of my life long before I went to Culinary School. Noone wants to just give up the things they love, so this is my mission : To find tasty and healthy alternatives to the foods I love so much. I will be sharing it all with you, and please send me your favorite healthy recipe or ideas....thats what its all about. Trying new things and passing it on. I am also changing my sign off. I loved the "Bite Me" but I think its time for yet another here we go...hope you like it. Remember....Life is full of Tasty Morsels, enjoy them all.

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