Sunday, January 3, 2010

Always be prepared....Boy Scout motto or Culinary Proverb?

Its been a couple of weeks since I last blogged. Christmas has come and gone..Its 2010. I have been sooo busy cooking, baking, visiting and basically just enjoying the time with family and friends. I was determined to not overwhelm myself with all the baking and shopping we normally go through in preparation of the holidays. Call me anal, but it serves its purpose. My Christmas shopping was finished before I left for Dallas the beginning of November ( I also made my mother finish hers ). So when I got home Thanksgiving week I was ready to shake and bake. Since my mother left for her Carribean vacation 2 days after Thanksgiving, I took advantage of the empty house to decorate and prep my baking. Once the tree was up, lights on outside, and the house cleaned I started making my cookie doughs. This year I decided to make a couple of new cookies so it was going to be 7 types in all. I doubled each dough and froze them in quarters. Now I could bake, as needed, smaller amounts and NOT be overwhelmed. Each week, a couple of trays of cookies went into the oven, and we had fresh baked cookies throughout the holidays. I lost count of the amount of cookies I baked, but I do know I made 7 rum cakes, 1 chocolate with chocolate ganache cake,and 1 chocolate with raspberry and chocolate ganache cake, and one batch of Aunt Carole Anne's Eggnog. That is just the beginning. I of course forgot to take pictures of everything I made so I have vowed to myself that this Year ( 2010 ) I will not only be prepared but I will deliver the goods! and Remember....Bite Me!

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