Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Its my day off, unofficially. I am going to be off on thursday this week, as Kathy and I are going to the Jimmy Buffet concert at MSG. I started my day off this morning with a long walk on the beach. It was hot already and absolutely beautiful. I put in a good 2 miles walking in the sand, worked up a good sweat, and came back to finish off with a healthy breakfast of fresh fruit and an iced coffee ( skim milk and a splenda ). Chef Bobby returned from his days off on the mainland and asked me why I was dressed for work. Told me to take the day and CHILLAX!! This word is used alot these days, its a cross between chill and relax. I am totally chillaxed now. I went over our food purchase with him and threw on my bathing suit and headed for the beach. I encountered 3 deer along the way. Kinda freaky to see deer just wandering the streets and eating out of peoples lawns and gardens. They are plentiful here. As I walked down the stairs to the beach from the little boardwalk I got to see another deer wandering the dunes. Incredible, as I never realized deer hung out on the beach....there are tracks everywhere along the sand. I am back now, had a late healthy lunch of tuna, and getting ready to take a shower. Its really hot today again. Not sure what my evening has in store for me but I can tell you this, it will be somewhere airconditioned so I can continue to CHILLAX.


Anonymous said...

are you sure this is a job? sounds like a vacation to me. mom

ChefMichele said...

OMG I cant believe you said that!! You were here on sunday and I saw you for what all of 5 minutes? HAHAHA youre soo funny!